Day 3: Treating My Home to Flowers & Green Cleaners

     January 23 and I am on Day 3.....(Sigh) Here goes.....hangin' in there! Click here for Day 3 Cure.

     About the green cleaners...

     In the Philippines, a lot of households can still afford helps. Let me narrate one conversation I had with one of my house angels that somehow derailed my attempts at a greener home. 

     I had just bought a whole new set of green home cleaners and was excited to know how our help liked using it....Let's name her Manilyn (not her real name)

Me: Manilyn, affective ba yung bagong cleaners sa banyo? (Manilyn, are the new home cleaners effective?)
Manilyn: Opo, (Yes)
Me: Eh di okay? (Then it is okay?)
Manilyn: Lalo na po nung hinaluan ko na ng Mr. Muscle. (Especially when I mixed it with Mr. Muscle)

     Okay, that time Manilyn won. But this year I am determined to do it and Manilyn is so longer in my house. haha! Luckily, there are several good green home products around already. My favorite is Messy Bessy, Eventually though I would like to make my own home cleaners...in this life time hopefully.

     But I felt the first thing I needed to clean was my cleaning caddy. This is how it looks like now....

Ready for action!
      I know the flowers were optional but I did manage to buy a bunch and voila! I love flowers and the magic that it can do to any space....

(Inhaaaaale) My home is feeling better already.....

Some helpful links for green cleaning:

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