Sunday Recycle Project: To Wrap Again!

     Oops, I left my earth bags at home again. Cringe! Though most store now have brown bags in place of the bad plastics, paper equals trees..So..Cringe!

     I had to buy gifts for a grandson (not really my grandson, a much older cousin's grandson but still my grandson) and I was in the mall with  no earth bags. Guilty and wanting to recycle the brown bags somehow, I took good care not to crumple or tear them When I got home I thought of using them as wrapping paper. Why not?

From my stash of gift wrapping supplies: baker's twine and cute flash cards from a broken set I salvaged from the office trash. (probably Doro's)

I even got to color!!! I miss!

     These are ready to go!!!

     Let's think of more ways to recycle. Shall we?

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Anonymous said...

Your posts calm me yet challenge my creative side. Thank you!... Mommy Marie