Outside the Burlingame Public Library in California

     The only library my kids have been to are those in their schools and in places we have visited outside home. Why? Take a look....

     Two years ago I had to do some research for my Research Methodology class in design school. Yes, back when I was attempting to finish it. My group mates and I went to the National Library along T.M. Kalaw in old Manila. 

     What I saw through all the reality that is the library now are heartsful of good intentions. No more. I know our country is third world but surely amidst all the corruption in our government; past, present (don't kid yourself) and future some funding can be set aside. I share these pics with a heavy heart but some hope that you will see its good bones. If, when and whichever government decides to fix this our poor National Library, I believe they will end up building a new one. This is my tribute to the glory that was once our National Library.

Before entering you need to register for and ID which we found cool though it is just a cardboard ID.
Computers to help you search for books ...but the keys were sticky....=-(((( EW!

The way they exhibit is so 70's. I remembered grade school days.
Handsome antique desks.
High ceiling. No AC but the building was cool and comfortable. So sayang talaga...
Miss Tapia, are you there?
Love these grilles!!!
Old-fashioned book cases. I am so lining up when they decide to sell these things....

Especially these benches....

     But these are just the non-living fixtures there. What will really take you is the dedication of the library staff. They tried their best to help us and were doing their jobs really well though can you imagine how much their salaries are?

     Speaking of low salaries...I need to talk to my boss..Kidding!..Sorry, I would talk to their boss if I could....seriously...

The National Library was the work of
Hexagon Associated Architects


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Ephraim Arriesgado said...

I'd love to visit and be in these libraries, in our National Library. It's because I love reading good books! :)