My 3 New Hong Kong Foodie Hits

     As Filipinos food accompanies and punctuates each special event in our lives. Our recent Hong Kong trip was no exception of course.Our trip was short but sweet but filled with wonderful new memories. Some of those memories are about you guessed it  - food. I want to share with you three not new munching discoveries. Please ignore if you know them already.)

1. Callbee Hot & Spicy

     My cousins and I were meeting for lunch on our second day in HK and the others were running late. My Ate Amy was munching on this and shared the pack to everyone. 

     The next day I was at the Wellcome supermarket near our hotel and looking for it. they did not have it so I ended up buying their other flavored chips which are all good. Luckily I found Hot & Spicy at the airport 7/11.

2. Tim Ho Wan's Pork Buns

      It was also our first time to try the baked Pork Buns at Tim Ho Wan. Yummy! Each order is three pieces. Tim Ho Wan has been called the best hole in the wall in the world. I get why. I shall go back there and bring my little troop next time.

3. Jenny Bakery's Homemade Butter Cookies 

    The Jenny Bakery in Hong Kong is best known for their cookies. I have been always lucky my cousin, N has given us a tin for the past two times we have been to Hong Kong. Jenny Bakery's homemade butter cookies are so sinfully addicting! Each day in their stores the cookies are gone by around noon taken away by a long queue.

      Plus they come in oh so pretty teddy bear tins. 

   Find out more about these yummy cookies here.

     I can't wait to get my hands and mouth on these, my three new HK faves. Trust me, they are all delish!

     Now to try to relive these yummy tastes and flavors in my mout with some....


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