Waiting To Exhale

     I woke up very early this morning with too many words jumbled up in my head. I realized though I hate to admit it I am bored.

     For a time I had so many things in my head. You won't believe it. I had at least two projects in the works each time, design school, magazine work, collage art classes, building admin work plus my family. CRAZY, now that I am thinking of it. Of course I was on my way to a 'burnout' if I can call it that. But before that I began the painful process of giving up some until I was left with my practice and building admin work and of course my family.

     With the Philippine summer just around the corner, H and I have things planned for the kids. Luckily my projects have been pushed back a bit and I can relax and enjoy this summer with the kids with so much flexi time. But still why am I bored......

     No, I will not go all dramatic and say why, oh why has my life come to this....THEN I asked myself am I aware that I am here even? Wow, my answer is NO. Yes, I have streamlined my nasty schedule but I have not savored my life now. My brain is still on 'fried' mode. Somehow I have not gotten it to cool down and I could not. 

     I knew a new cycle of collage classes began yesterday and if there is one thing I want to still do is that. I found myself tearing through old magazines. The art of collage has always been introspective for me. Hmmm...maybe this will help. 

     I found an abandoned painting of Yellow to use as my base. Yellow is a perfectionist and though H and I have yet to teach her some more about life is a box of chocolates theory we need to contend with her frustrations. This painting is one of them.

     After two hours of tearing, pasting, cutting I was staring at this.... 

     Now I know where I am. It is exactly where I wanted to be...And where I am now is a gift...to just be....

to E X H A L E!

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