Lots of Lovah and Pavlova: An HK House Tour

     I was in Hong Kong for three days with family this week. Though this is not my shortest stay in the former British colony, this trip has given me the worst hangover since the Disney trip I shared with H and the kids years ago. This is probably because I had so much fun; bonding with my cousins, bullying Doro and getting fat. But all the fun was not the sole purpose of the trip it was to be a huge send-off party for my cousin, N who was migrating with his partner to another country. They will be farther away and the mere  thought of the longer distance is enough to spark a bittersweet last hurrah Hong Kong sojourn amongst us, crazy cousins.

     One of the highlights of the trip for me was visiting my cousin's Hong Kong flat. It gave me glimpse of the life they have had in HK. It was as if to celebrate and share with us all that has been and will be...

     I was told the set-up was just for the evening for parteh! 

     First thing that caught my eye though were these Marimekko paper napkins. My cousin N said he remembered me when he bought them. Kilig! THAT'S IT! I will buy some for myself next time. haha!

     The flat is a fun mix of bold beautiful art, travel finds and Ikea! OMG! My fave combination!

Part of the evening's set-up the dining table with a mix of army chairs and white plywood chairs.  

     The buffet table. Luckily half of the team that lives here is an uber talented chef. We enjoyed the YUMMIEST dinner!

These were just the appetizers. Luckily I forgot to eat lunch. Wink!
THE FOOD! These tasted much better than they look. Trust me!

   That night I died and went to pavlova heaven!

      The next day, people kept telling me how drunk I was at the party. Why? Was the drink spiked? I don't drink you know.

Our happy, crazy group that night; evictees, winners, losers, drunks et al!


palengkequeen said...

Cute flat! Your pictures make me hungry.

Reece said...

Huy .. you never answered my question ... where is kuya noks going ? Your pics stated send-off.