Welcome to Manila, NOVAMOBILI!!!

     NOVAMOBILI is here in Manila! The Italian furniture company has landed. I was lucky to have been invited to the launch by my pretty design school classmate Eunice who works for NOVAMOBILI.

     It was such pleasure to know that its owners, the Battistellas are such passionate yet very down to earth people.

      All the pieces are well-crafted, modern and beautiful, affordable luxury as they call it.

     Look at the storage space under this bed!

     Eunice, the interior designer aka body builder showed us how. Wink!

     Another great idea is this retractable wardrobe rod, perfect for us, petite Filipinos.  

     It was a wonderful launch, Fun, casual and lots of food by Gaita Fores. Yum!

     But the lamps were our faves!

     These are affordable luxury.

Do check it out soon!

     NOVAMOBILI is from the same company that gave us Bibliarch and eventually Fully Booked and is located at the 3rd Floor of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street.


     But the most fun part was meeting up
    with my design school classmates,
    Justine, Eunice and Yani. 

     Next time may launch, tayo ulit LOL!

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