Welcome Back to Me!

     Where am I??? Oh, I am back!!!!

     I do not know why but every time I come home from a long trip, I have this almost maddening urge to clean, organize and declutter my house.  If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know about it. My theories are one, control. Being away and living off suitcases mean you are never really settled therefore you have no control over ANYTHING. Two, it helps me settle back in or three, since traveling opens my mind to new things, ideas and life lessons, I feel changed and renewed therefore a newer, fresher backdrop to go with it?

     I guess it is a combination of all three. Here are three links to get me started on my, I want to call it welcoming- myself- back- home and back- to- reality to do list


     Here are daily reminders to help us keep our homes organized and clean. Click here.

     And the 21-Day Organization Challenge. I already started with my medicine cabinet. Oh, forget about the holiday sparkle part.

     Maybe if I am still inspired I might even get around to making this which I have been wanting to make for a long time. The Home Management Binder!

     So good luck to me and I will let you know how it goes..... Wish me luck! 


To my dear regular readers who want to know about my Apartment Therapy Home Cure.... Can you guess how it ended? You're right, it hasn't. Well, I keep trying. We all should.  

It is great to be back!

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Anonymous said...

So nice that you are back to share your ideas in organizing and decorating and just life in general. How funny you asked about the Apartment Therapy Home Cure. I got stuck in number____. Sorry, so embarrassing to even write the number. But after reading your post, I feel the inspiration to go on! Welcome back!..... Marie