M & M & Mmmmmmmmm.............

     Just down the street from our hotel on Broadway in Manhattan is the M & M's World!

  A giant candy store with 
all things M & M's!!!

Red M&M's, Orange M&M's....Yellow M&M's...

And all the other colors  of M&M's
This family is bagging in their loot!
There were cute little items to 
bring home to family 
though I also wanted them for myself....

And, uh sure there is a fireman M&M.

Of course, they had Lady Liberty. 
Though she looked to too weird to buy.

Baking stuff....

In short it was like 
if- M&M's- were- your- happy- pill- happy- place!

See the usual grumpynoids were gone!

It was simply a fun and sweet store and it is just off Times Square.

(Sigh) I miss New York....

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