Sisterhood of the Traveling Tummies: 14Four Cafe

      I am really thankful I have been spending A LOT (Too much?) time with a group of friends from high school who live almost parallel lives with mine. We are all moms, kids still in school, obssessed with facebook chat stickers and we all love food especially pancit (noodles). We don’t stop there though as we all love to try out new restaurants together as well.

     Over a week ago, after tela/ fabric hunting in Taytay three of us from the group tried the much-talked about 14Four Cafe.

     Behind the restaurant  is the talent of Chef Nikki Sambile whose dad owns the furniture shop next door, Stick Design. This explains the restaurant’s unusual, quirky yet homey feel. I loved it. 


Don't you just want to kick your shoes off and spend the afternoon relaxing here?

     Surprise! A Mondrian-ish painted facade!
   Look at the eaves! Raw GI sheets! haha! Why not?

     Inside the air-conditioned part of the cafe are even more quirky, pretty stuff!

Guess who placed the reservation.

     For starters we had a zero fat drink....

Smoked Fish Pate 
cream cheese, spices, smoked hard-tail mackerel, tortilla chips P130
Adobo Flakes and Kesong Puti Panini
savory adobo flakes, Laguna white cheese, garlic aioli, pandesal P160
Aligue & Tuyo
Creamy aligue sauce, tuyo flakes, hint of citrus P220

     For dessert, we had coffee and cinnamon pancakes.

     Look at the cute individual sized French press! Adorbs! I am so gonna copy this at home.
 Cinnamon Bun Pancakes
cinnamon swirled pancakes, cream cheese icing P170

Overall, the food was good. We almost did not have the pancakes since the kitchen ran out of gasul. What? Yup! But good whoever ran to get it made it possible for us to enjoy it. This and the adobo panini were my faves. The pasta was good until I added calamansi which made it taste like Lucky Me Pancit Canton. I am not doing that again next time.

     Even the washroom was not spared from the quirky, eclectic feel. Look!

On our way out, we noticed they have laid out pillows of the ledge that wraps around the big tree in the front yard. 
Hay, more lazy, siesta dreams....

     It made it all so hard to leave this place. 

My accomplices that day!


Until our next foodie...or shopping adventure, ladies! 

Learn more about 14Four here!

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