A Beautiful Farm House in Davao

     Have you ever thought about retirement?

     H and I have. In fact we did very early in our marriage when we had to shelve plans to move to Palawan and raise a family.  We thought them "Okay, we'll retire here."

     Years after though and our kids are now both in high school. I am thinking twice about it. (Don't tell H. )  I am thinking about how I am gonna miss the kids and how I would want to see my grand kids often, that I do not want to manage a big house anymore (and deal with the helps), that I want to continue trying out new restaurant and eating cake and coffee...I can't do all these in Palawan.

     With all these thoughts in my head I am beginning to admire those who leave it all behind and not just close a chapter but actually started writing a new book in retirement. I know a lot who have gone into farming, livestock and the like and move to remote, open places. We visited a beautiful retirement home and farm house in Davao last month. The place was simply a welcome reprieve from a Manila city rat like me. 


          I wish I could pick a spot and sleep. Inside though it was the yummy spread that was such a pleasant surprise.

This is what we all 
love about Davao! 
The fruits!

          Our group just had a very easy, relaxing afternoon with the kind and gracious hosts.

       There was even a little putting green for the golfers.

     How nice to wake up to the sight of these tall coconut trees and the clear blue sky!

     (Sigh!) BUT I still want my grand kids, the cafe and cake and coffee......Too early a worry for someone in her thirties like me......


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