My Birthday Week On Instagram 2013

     It was my birthday last, last Thursday and I had a big bang party....online, facebook to be specific. My offline birthday though was not as crazy. I had the usual mommy birthday, no fun fare, grumpy kids, lethargic husband. What? Whose birthday? Oh well....Where is the 'I baked a cake for you mom.' or the intriguing jewelry box or the over- decorated handmade birthday card?

     For the past years I have dreaded my birthday since even for me it has just become 'another day'. I know I sound like a pathetic, sulking brat. Haha! Enough of that. It has been a busy week work-wise and I am excited about that. 

     Here is my birthday week according to my Instagram photos.... They look fun. Guess it's been fun.... Don't mind me. 

     My week started with a visit to Puerto Princesa. I have so missed this place, I was also here primarily for work but it came as a good break too. In between stressing over work AND WORKERS was eating...lots of it. It was the week of the Negros Trade Fair that felt different since I got used to it being in Rockwell. Anyway, got my freshly cooked piyaya fix and a little early Christmas shopping.

Our bed in Palawan is the only place I can sleep through the night.
A new hotel in Puerto Princesa, Aziza
Back in Manila, we tried Dolcelatte's cronuts. Super Good!
On days when I am bad.... Halo-halo!
Tuna Sisig at Buddy's
Hacienda Crafts at the Negros Trade Fair. Please go back to Rockwell next year.
Doing Interior Design Work here.

     Looking back the highlight of my week was still my birthday. It was fiesta at my son's school, Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels. I heard mass with the boys, celebrated by Cardinal Chito Tagle. The Cardinal is very close to my heart since we share great love for the late Fr. Reddy Corpuz.  To him, he was his mentor and to me, my Godfather and confidante. 

     I get it. I did not need any more fun fare. for this year my birthday coincided with the fiesta and a special blessing from Cardinal Tagle. His homily message was  "ASK!" Ask for protection and guidance from your Guardian Angels. Ask God for your what you want. Be humble enough to ask. Don't be proud. 

     ....Okay next year can I please have..... exactly the same kind of birthday? Thank you!

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