On Sick Leave

     Life has not been normal now since December 17, 2013.

    Since then I have had 2 bouts with the flu and a problem with my uterus that has not gone away. As a consequence I am now anemic and need a few months to recover from that. I am better through and I feel stronger too.

     I have moved deadlines (thanks to my kind and understanding clients and contractors) and missed deadlines. Thankfully work has been coming in steadily. I hope to get back writing again. Soon, I promise!

     Pray for me.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon and God bless. I've been sick too and had to be hospitalized too. Mine concerns my aorta. Pray you'll regain your strength... Mommy Marie

Arlene Maslog said...

Aww.... I hope you recovering well, Mommy Marie! Thank you for your concern! You are a friend!

Ephraim Arriesgado said...

I will pray for you too! Be safe and be healthy! :)