Temple Run: Siem Reap

     One of the highlights of 2013 for me, I have to say was the trip I took to Siem Reap with five of my high school buddies; two were my besties and the other three all good friends of mine as well.  This trip took shape in all spontaneity, no grand plans and no drama either. That mood carried itself over the four days we were together. I had the best time and these friends all the more closer and dearer to me.

     Allow me to share photos of beautiful Siem Reap and the smile on my face as I work on this post. 

We were supposed to capture the sunrise at Angkor Wat Good thing it was cloudy because my roomies and I were late. hehe!

See! They looked like they forgave us easily.

The architecture was just amazing....

The woman in the plum shirt is not my friend! Who's that?

Twilight inspired pose

Our second temple tour was at the Tomb Raiders temple. TA PROHM

Which Lara Croft do you like best?

The entrance to Angkor Tom, Temple #3

My very own Cambodia moment

     Our next stop? Hanoi? Chang Mai? Who knows? I'll be there, girls!

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