Anatomy of a Beach Picnic

     Growing up I did not like the beach a lot. I hated the sticky, salty feeling my body gets when I am at the beach. I preferred going up to a cool place like Baguio, our country's summer capital. Besides I can't swim. But this all changed when I met and married someone from Palawan. Palawan is a southern island province known for having the best beaches in the world. I still hate the sticky, salty feeling but the beautiful views, clear waters, white and freshly picked coconuts always win me over.

     We have not been going home in Palawan for a long while, years actually.  Last week though we were able to squeeze in a week-long trip. We have really missed it; our old house, the laid back lifestyle, not-so-long lazy days.... It was a great start for the summer.

     This year at the beach, I met these guys. 

     At first I found them scary, very scary but no,  they are my new fave and they were caught right at the island where we' beached' for a day called Pandan.

      So let me share the rest of our beach picnic menu lovingly prepared by our faithful friends on the island Virgie, her husband Mamay and our very own Santi. Hehe!

     Next to my very first picnic in Pandan with my father-in-law where we ate of banana trunk plates, this was the best beach picnic I've had.

Steamed Alupihan Dagat. Pitek or Mantis Shrimp

Chili Garlic Eleven Dot Crab

Abalone Adobo

My father-in-law's classic inihaw na liempo or grilled pork belly.
     It was a great day to be at the beach....and 'eat' at the beach...Burp! Pardon me!

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