Puerto Resto Alert: White Fence Country Cafe

     Our very first stop in our last Puerto Princesa homecoming was White Fence Country Cafe. H was raving about it from his last visit. 

     I had to smile the moment I entered the place as I was pleasantly surprised by the quirky, eclectic and homey feel of the restaurant. 

     There are two areas; one is air-conditioned the other is not. H, of course wanted to sit in the more 'climate-controlled' space. It is elevated two steps from the main area and set-up bahay na bato-inspired with ventanillas....but aircon. hehe! This is the door leading to it.

     This is how it looks like inside. If you ask me the interiors is almost a mad mix of traditional Filipino and Alice in Wonderland. Interesting but somehow it works in a charming way..

     The place actually also houses an inn with 12 rooms. They were full when we went there so I was not able to snoop around the rooms. I did see the small outdoor area with a play house and playground.

  I am sure if my kids were younger they would enjoy this but now they are happy and content with the wifi which is for me a sad thing. Look at these zombies especially the boy.

      But wait...there's more...THE FOOD!!!

     Everything we ordered here was pretty good and reasonably priced. Service was also pretty good. We loved Rowell, (spell?) our waiter forever.

     But their Nasi Goreng is the killer! I want some more!!!

     While you wait more little things to make 'kalikot'. Look!

     Cute tiny vignettes here and there!

     ...and cool quirky art...

      We just had to eat there again on our last day in Puerto.

     Next time you vist Puerto Princesa, drop by, eat, tour the place and make 'kalikot'!

White Fence Country Cafe
Address: Lungsod ng Puerto Princesa

Telepono:(048) 434 2430

Mga Oras:

Bukas ngayon · 6:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Giselle said...

Hi, Ms. Arlene! I had the privilege of meeting you briefly while you were taking photos of our restaurant. Thank you for this excellent and most flattering write-up. And thank you to your husband for bringing your family here! If we may, we'd like to share your article via Facebook and link it to a testimonials section in our website. Would that be alright with you?