I do not remember if I have ever been to Zambales when I was small. The Zambales I do remember are the duty free shops post- Exodus of the American bases in the 90's. Years ago my high school friend Mayet Batungbacal began inviting me to their place in Zambales. Schedules always conflicted until this summer.

     We left Manila after lunch and arrived in Botolan almost four hours later.  I am talking about an easy drive, good roads with views as pretty as this. We love road trips! 

      We arrived in Botolan, Zambales a good 30 minutes before sunset and I just had to ignore Mayet first and take this all in. HIHI!

     This is what I have been missing all along. Breathtaking!

     More of our Zambales adventure on my next post, Stay tuned!

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