Turning Japanese-ah!

Hi, Bambs! (Meiji Shrine Tokyo)
     Japan for the longest time has been my country crush. It had never been an option for travel because of the impression that it is an expensive place. Lately troves and troves of my countrymen are going to Japan and H and I were actually planning a trip already when my cousins told us they were going. What did I say next? "SAMA KAMI!!!!" (We'll go with you. )

     It took hours and hours getting dazed in front of my computer to plan the trip. My cousins and I ended up doing our own itineraries and agreed to just meet in Tokyo. Like H, my two kids have no patience to plan. I read a thousand reviews and travel guides to come up with a good enough itinerary. Then we were ready! 

     Our first stop was Osaka then Kyoto then Tokyo!

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto

Umeda Sky Building, Osaka
     Thanks to our wonderful tour guides we got to visit a good number of places given the little time we had. My family and I learned there is so, so much more to explore and learn. Japan is mystical, rhythmic and poetic. There is no way a visitor will not fall for its charms. 

     A few things about Japan from a first timer like me:

1. It is not at all the expensive place it was know for before. In fact of all the Asian cities we have been to, this is not the most pricey city at all.

2. People are not nice. THEY ARE SUPER NICE! We lost a camera and a newly bought pair of Onitsukas, went back for them and they were still there.

3. You can't go wrong with food. Every place is heavenly to eat in. 

4. Japanese walk a lot so as a tourist be ready to do so as well.

5. Trains will drive you crazy. We spent eight days there and being the poor navigator that I am, I still could not get it. 

6. Yes, you can actually live on convenience stores if you want to or if you are on a tight budget. They serve real and delicious food.

7. It's cleeeeeaaaan!!!!

       Allow me to share some of the photos from our trip. It is my way of releasing the pressure in my heart as it yearns to go back so bad. (Inhaaale!) 

With our Japan travel buddies, my cousins in Tokyo
Golden Pavilion Kyoto
Kyoto Station
This delicious beef dish H had at a small restaurant near a train station.
Daddy and Daddy's girl in Arashiyama, Kyoto
Gion, Kyoto
Yummy Inari sushi near the Inari Shrine
Nara Deer Park
Spotting a sumo wrestler is like spotting a celebrity there. Tokyo
Found this couple super cute doing a temple ritual at Sensoji Temple, Tokyo
Our crazy, noisy gang! Too noisy for Japan.

Ginza, Tokyo
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Harajuku, Tokyo

Our favorite: Ichiran Ramen

     Mata atode aimashou! 

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