La Pomme

     For those of you who frequent the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell (Makati, Manila) this looks like a familiar site. May I brag that La Pomme is owned by my friend and former Real Living boss, Apol Lejano-Massebieau. According to Apol she is  a writer, crafter, gardener, lover, and fighter, but not a candlestick-maker. Sorry, Apol if the descrption is too familiar got carried away with copy-pasting since Massebieau. Haha! But yes, she is all that and more. Apol is funny, witty and has such a warm personality.

     When my kids were in their early childhood, I, as a parent practiced Waldorf principles. Part of being a Waldorf parent was going back to basics. NO TV, video games and all their toys were handmade and of natural materials. Yes, they even played with stones, sand, shells, twigs. No plastic toys! My kids used to go to Kultura (handicrafts store) and say, "Look, Mommy so many toys. " haha! Waldorf parenting also involved making toys for your children. This means sewing and sometimes carpentry. Both tasks I was and still am a ding-dong on. So I ended up asking my co-Waldorf moms or teachers to make for my kids. Waldorf parenting principles teaches making toys is an expression of love for your kids. If my kids were still little, I would not mind them playing with Apol's handmade toys because I know they are all made with love too. In fact I would be jumping up and down now. Yey, I won't sew! 

  The cupcakes are my favorites! Look at how adorable they are!

There are also playsets. Look!


 Plush animals!

      La Pomme also has scented items which you can place in a room and your closets imported from France. I have some of these in our halfway home and it really keeps the place smelling fresh even if we have not visited for a while. Hmmm!

     You can also visit the La Pomme online shop here

     Christmas is just around the corner as they say, give your little friends unique handmade gifts sans the iPad and Xbos and allow them to have fun, imagine and discover with La Pomme!

 Sigh! Too cute!

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