Wanted: MASI for Turning 1

     My favorite nephew #3 turned one this week and my whole family was only too excited to celebrate this. My sister. Ava planned a super fun party. I am beginning to miss kiddie parties since my kids are both teenagers now and it has been ages. There was a time I couldn't get myself to go anymore as we had one almost every weekend and I had nursery rhymes and spaghetti coming out of my ears. I never thought I would actually miss them. Anyhoo, we all had a grand time. Masi, short for Tomas Mari is the youngest member of our family, everyone's baby. 

      My sister was so patient making and sewing little, loving details for the party. With the help of her stylist, it came out so cute. I, on the other hand cannot sew for the life of me.

   There is Masi with my brother and Masi with my sister with photo bomber, Blue. I know I am the best looking in my family. haha!

     While kids were playing games, the grownups feasted on the food carts of Happy Umpauco. Yummy! Love the corn dogs!

  That is my Ate Poten. Ilang balik ka na?

     Overgrown kids trying the carnival booth games....Talo, so pose nalang with Lolo Frankie!

     Titos and Kuyas were not exempted from the games....

  Party in full swing!

   .....  And on the sidelines so much family fun and bonding!

  My sister's beautiful family!

       My favorite cowgirls were my nieces, Sophia and Samara. Sophia was so cute in purple! Adorable Samara, on the other hand followed a different peg...

     The dessert buffet was done by my talented niece, Bianca Huab of OhGoodies! Look how adorbs!

     That's Bianca with my folks and boyfriend.

     Kids went home happy with a bandana loot bag filled with toys and candy and their own stick horse.

     On this note, let's usher in the Christmas holidays. Waaaaah!!! Pasko na! (It's Christmas!) Allow my family to be the first to greet you....

Merry, Merry from the Puruntongs!!!!

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