Of Snow Buns, Turkey, Ducks and Grandmotherhood

    I am my mom's unofficial alalay ( sidekick).  Growing up highly myopic she used to be mine. Now that she is nearing the big 7-0, I am gladly volunteering to be hers. The role does come with perks and one of them is joining her occasional lunches (or dinners)  with her friends.  I like my mom's friends since they always make me laugh and are all major foodies too. These are my mom's co-farmers who have all diversified to other fields. hehe! Last week, Tita Mable took us to TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie in Mega Fashion Hall.  It is owned by the same Chua family as Lugang (one of my favorites).  TIta Mable explained it is not a franchise but a concept they bought from a restaurant in Canada. The food is primarily Hong Kong comfort food with a couple of western dishes too. 

    The interiors convey this in a very casual, almost like a glamorized eatery way. The chandeliers and gallery walls are screaming French.

      Mismatched chairs and tables with varying heights lend a casual feel. 

     I plan to be seated very soon beside that plastic vertical garden. haha! 

     And away we eat.....

     One of the reasons people get curious about TuanTuan are their baked barbecued pork buns called Crispy Barbecued Pork Snow Buns. Since Manila is still going crazy about Tim Ho Wan. Tuan Tuan's timing to introduce theirs is perfect. My mom said she likes Tuan Tuan's better.  I love both. Tuan Tuan's has a flakier and thinner crust and the taste of the filling is more delicate. I like that the bottom is toasted. Yum!

     Here are the other dished we tried.....

Steamed Fish. There is tinik so be careful when you eat this.

      My favorite though is the laksa and fried fish fillet combination called Malay Laksa. The laksa was just a hint spicy but so good. It comes with 1 free drink but two people cannot finish this.

     Their beef curry is also a winner. My mom's friend and honorary member of our family, Johnny said he can even eat the just the sauce with plain rice and indeed you can. 

US Premium Beef Curry

     One of the dishes I keep seeing delivered to so many tables is this baked rice with pork chop with pesto and tomato sauce. (Forgot what it is called) I am not a huge fan or maybe because I was really happy with what we had already. It kinda resembles a risotto when eaten. Come to think of it baked rice dishes are also very Hong Kong, right?

     Been to TuanTuan twice already since then and there are still so many dishes I wanna try. I like it that the taste of their dishes are not overpowering, not too salty, not too anything. It is just plain good food. (and not pricey) Be back soon! 

     Good-bye, diet na talaga forever!
Thanks, Tita Mable for the treat. I had the most fun that afternoon I think, listening to grandmother stories, growing poinsettias, raising ducks and Korea. haha!
TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie is part of the Lugang Café group of companies. It is located at the third floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City.

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