Philippa's Bakery: My Happy Place in Melbourne

     Remember my cousin N and his partner M from Hong Kong? Well, they have moved and settled so well in Melbourne. A small group of cousins and I recently visited them and it was like old times. I guess one part of childhood that I will always miss is time with my cousins.  That time when everyone was still a kid, when school was our only problem, when walking to the neighborhood variety store together was great fun are now all too precious. I believe this is the reason why every time we do meet and see each other now it is almost a mad frenzy. So much happy memories and longing for a time that we can never return to. But before I start crying, hik... back to the topic of my post which I am just too excited to share.

     In Melbourne, just on the very street where N and M live is our modern day variety store, um.. as we would say nowadays leveled up a hundred notches,  Phillippa's Bakery.  How lucky can we get! My cousin N said this place is so me and he was so right. I loved walking there with the cool morning breeze on my face as the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee signaled that I was closer and closer to the bakery. Hmmmmm....!

     First sight of the bakery is so simple and unpretentious. Upon entering, this is what greets you, Heaven!

     There was just too much to choose from. It was pleasantly overwhelming! 

     Phillipa's bakery does not only sell baked goodies but also jams and spreads that are so, so yummy. I brought home some especially the vanilla strawberry jam which everyone at home loves. 

     My favorite part of the bakery is the big table on the left side as you enter surrounded by chairs where everyone can just sit, have coffee or chat. Their coffee is also very good, by the way.

I could sit here for hours with a good book. This is actually a good idea for a home where breakfast, especially a vacation home is laid out so casually yet the table is so inviting.

      Here is my cousin, N. We were going vineyard hopping that day.

 Guillermo, the storekeeper. We loved him! He was really very patient us especially when we were demanding he brings out all the items on sale. haha!

     Wish we have something like Phillipa's back home.  Sadly though, it will probably be in a mall or in some super upscale place with overpriced stuff. Hint!

    For now, I am hoping to get a copy of their cookbook and try to bake some of their recipes. 

    See, dear cousins we've come a long way from our Beng Kleng days. XXXOOO hehe!

     Read more about Phillipa's here.

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