Tagaytay Tripping

     Actually my mom does not even have to ask twice whenever she asks me to tag along with her to anything. I don't mind being her designated alalay. Besides, it's always a welcome break anyway from my cranky teenagers and H.

     Recently I went with Mom on a Tagaytay day trip with her friends?  I am talking about my mom's farmer friends who also love to eat. Remember them? Click here! Food tnor plants though were no first on the agenda that day.  We were going tripping.  (Secret as for whom.) Anyway, traffic was tolerable escaping Manila so we got to Tagaytay early enough to see the first development we were gonna do an ocular on.  The first one was Kasa Luntian by Alveo Properties. It is a condo type development. The developer itself speaks well of the project off-hand BUT the toilet in the showroom was yuck. So.. anyhoo....Back to...It is a beautiful condominium type development. It is good for families who want a weekend getaway without the hassle of hiring a caretaker or to worry about security. It is huge and I can imagine it to be a party type of place during Holy Week and Christmas.

      I loved the kiddie room of one of the model units. It was nautical-themed and oh so cute. Next development please. 

      We drove some 20 minutes more towards Nasugbu and nestled in a quiet, gated community is Tagô by Mañosa Properties. The visitor's lounge was already impressive but then again I am a fan of Arch't Bobby Mañosa. My own parents live in a Mañosa home. (So don't listen to me. ) Their guest washroom was clean too so 2 points extra for Tagô.

     We were able to tour the model unit which is amazing  It is well=planned, cozy, yet airy. Look, guys! 

Living and Dining Areas
Family Room

Second Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Love the seating area by the landing. I can sit here and read a book or watch my dramas. Haha!

                 Look how beautiful! This is modern Filipino architecture at its best!. Coco, if someone buys from this blog you owe me dinner! Hehe!

     Security is not a problem of course and if you need to have your house cleaned before you arrive, they can do it for you. And if you need a helper during your stay they have butlers on standby. Wow! Shut up already and take my money! (Duh? What money?)

     Anyhoo, all these salivating over something I can't have made me hungry for food and so were the golden girls so off we go to Balay Dako Yippee!!!! 

     I need not say more! We had a good, yummy lunch! Not bad for alalay's pay for the day. When is our next outing, Ma? 

Smile, all you diabetic ladies! 

    Which reminds me I haven't called my mom today......

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