Though summer for most grade school and high school kids in the Philippines has ended but I just want to share one place where kids can go, a break from malls. Have you heard of QCX? It is an interactive and socio-culural museum at the heart of my city which is Quezon City! Thanks to blogger Amber of A Momma Abroad I found out about this. Shame on me! She is an American and has an adorable family living here in the Philippines. I have been here forever and pass by the museum almost every day of my life and never knew it was there. Also had it not been for Billie's host sister, Sora who was visiting from Japan whom we were touring around, I would no have been inclined to go in. 

     Anyway, it opened two years ago at the Quezon Memorial Circle. While we were touring. by the way we heard that this project was actually by the vice-mayor,  Joy Belmonte! Wonderful endeavor! Bravo!

     Okay, okay, you wanna hear about the museum.... Here goes, guys...

Lobby was sparse and modern. Liking it already. 

     We came on a weekday and early. I guess that is one tip for you.  The staff was just beginning to get ready. Downside though, the air-conditioning had also just been turned on.  You get a discount on the entrance ticket if one you are a Quezon City resident or if you are a student so bring your ID's.

     One of the first exhibits was about of the beginnings of Quezon City. This area represents the hill on which President Manuel L. Quezon dreamed of the city that would be. Our guide said, he sat on the rock like the middle. I made H sit there too... Haha! He is dreaming of what to have for lunch of course. 

     I won't give everything away but will gladly share my favorite parts of the museum and cute photos of Sora and Blue as they enjoyed the museum. 

There is a pod on transportation where they showcased the various forms of commute; the jeepney, bus, tricycle  etc.


So much selfie opportunities which the kids and adults will love....

A replica of Malacanan

Loved the scale models of the famous buildings in the city. One of which is the Araneta Coliseum now Smart Araneta. I can still remember very vividly how my grandmother, my brother and I would buy corn dogs from one of the food stands around the coliseum after a visit to the dentist. 

The best times!
UP Diliman

     Can you guess what these are?

     There was also a section of business; big and small.

        Blue got try what it was like being our favorite magtataho from our village. TAHOOOOOO!

     A cinema section. After all Sampaguita and LVN, pioneer production companies in the Philippines also were born in Quezon City. How cute if you can actually watch old black and white movies here. Hint! Hint!

      The exhibit on barangays and their origins were pretty informative too.

     The education pod is set up like a classroom with an interactive screen quiz. Fun!

        My most favorite part is the life size set up of an old mid-Century home, typical of the projects home in Quezon City. This is what some of the homes I grew up seeing look like.

     Overall a wonderful museum. There is more to see! Just come! For more info on QCX please look here!

     My only wish for this establishment is that the QC government maintains it. I mean clean and all. Sad to say, we Pinoys are bad at maintaining our establishments even homes for that matter. (Eye roll) I was not able to see their washrooms so I can't say anything about it though.

One of the touch screen displays of various landmarks in QC




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