Ode to Our Attic

     Our attic like the rest of our house has gone through too many transformations. We were not even supposed to have one in the first place. While our home was under construction though, it took sooooo long for the roofing contractor to install the actual roof that I spent hours on top of our roofless house hating that contractor.  (I forgot to mention that was pregnant with Blue at that time. Maybe that explains why he has a temper?)) It gave H and I enough time though to re-think the option of building an attic. Turned out it could not only accommodate a room but a small bathroom as well. H and I decided to make the attic a TV room and guest room. 


     There were times when it served as just a storage room for the many times, we purged and decluttered. Raising a family is messy! We have added storage, repainted and re-positioned furniture.  Remember I told you we were downsizing? Our next home won't have an attic. In fact it will have less rooms. Waaah! So this post is dedicated to our attic which I will miss. The photos on this post are of its current state. Last year we had out of town guests three times and I hope they loved staying there. Hmmm.... what if I will ask everyone for sleepover soon, movie night et al. Naah, I bet the kids will just be staring at their phones and chatting with their friends. ROAR! 

    So it will be good-bye soon. Sniff!

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