One of the many, many celebrations at home. This was my boodle birthday party last year

     H and I have been so blessed to have our own home very early in our married life. I was pregnant with Blue when we built our current home. Red was a year and seven months old when we moved in. This home was really built for us, our lifestyle, our needs daily activities all considered by the architect who is yours truly.  Fast forward to today, I can say our home has withstood the tests of time; two toddlers, food spills, writings on the walls and all, unruly kids who won't pick up their toys and now teens who bang doors. Haha! I would be happy to stay in this house forever. This home is a celebration of us as a family. 

     But the party venue will have to be moved somewhere else soon and it will be big! I mean ... small! Anyway, stay tuned, come with me on this journey, feel free to leave your comments, let's share ideas! Yes, this is why I changed the name of the blog! Are you ready? I am not! Haha!

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