Starting the Year with Change

I am one person who is greatly influenced and affected by my surroundings. 2008 to me and my family had been a year of challenges, heartaches as well as loads of happy, new memories, fab new friends and an endless list of new discoveries about places, cultures, music and even food. It was relatively a good year. But then again it's over so the new must be welcomed and ushered into our lives and psyche. How do we do it? I say I'll do it with change. I recently ran into a blog about rolling your sleeves up and editing your surroundings; your home or even work area and adding or removing items that are no longer about you. It could be an old framed photo of a dinner with an ex-friend, an outdated votive candle, a fabric from the mad shantung 90's or a CD of an artist you no longer like. Perhaps it is time to update some of your decors or highlight old pieces that you still absolutely adore. You may be compelled to change the colors in your home, going for warmer tones or changing the framed art piece on your wall. Tasks may be big or small. Doing this is actually an act of touching base with ourselves, right? Where we are at this point in our lives? What are we about now? What are our dreams? And what do we do with the items we no longer want? You could discard them altogether too though. What else can we do with the stuff that are no longer about yourselves? The blogger made pretty artsy stuff with some of her stuff. How about a box, a time capsule of the past year or years if letting go is not easy?
What if we want to throw in something new? Something that represents a new found hobby or interest? A photo of a pet? Changing your everyday plates? Place mats?
Everyone is looking forward to change this year and always it is hoping for better things at different levels. I will start by a home editing. No, I am not talking about a major re-organizing, spring cleaning endeavor. I am planning an introspect. I am planning to come to know myself now and welcome that and all the changes that has grown from that. I am seeking my own little dreams and hopes at present and build an optimism and tenacity for it all.
So keeping up with change is when change becomes good.
Okay, ugh I just remembered I have a feisty panel of associate editors to deal with - the kids. Good luck, mama! =0)

And good luck to us all this year and God Bless, everyone!

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