Oh, Our Christmas Tree '08

Finally got the tree up!

Many thanks to my son, Blue who is my assistant decorator at home. He is the one who tells the helps when to bring out the Halloween, Christmas and Easter decorations. He is also the one who demands that I re-arrange the furniture since it has been a certain way for a long time.
This year, we went for aqua and green for our Christmas decors. It is our first time to move away from red and green. Our tree is seven years old and about to take a bow so are some of the decors. So Christmas decorating is somethings old, somethings new, somethings green and somethings blue, aqua...I so am loving these retro teddy bears which I bought for a song, no a stanza in Divisoria. Do you remember these teddy bears? I believe during my childhood they came in red, electric blue, yellow... This is adorably kelly green!

My family and I are still getting used to our new Christmas colors but we are definitely liking it. Forty days to go! I joyfully wait.....


Karen said...

I love the teddy bears! i didn't realize they were retro though.

divo said...

I love your tree! It is obvious you have children.