Single Parenting Weekend

     Whenever H would be out of town before,  I would totally shut myself out of the outside world and concentrate on work and being both mom and dad for a while.  After some time though and after turning down so many tempting invites, I made a conscious decision to okay, give into some. 

     The weekend before last was one such weekend and I am glad I did what I did. Since you, guys sent me such sweet messages about my last post the other weekend, I decided to fill you in on another one. =-) Is it okay?

Friday 9-19-11

     Friday afternoon at 5 was when my weekend actually began. I was meeting up with friends from design school who were working on their exhibit. I wanted to take a peek and say hello. They are my former batch mates after all. Mommy-hood and architecture-hood made me go lighter on my school load and delayed me by a year. Itchokay! 

     I was with our Ethics teacher who is younger than me (and cuter) and the minute we entered the exhibit hall which was already in crazy construction mode, I was every one's Tita (aunt and actually mommy to some) again and a proud one. 

     Please do visit their exhibit when it opens October 1st at SM North Edsa, okay?

No, this job site is not spared from  the funnies! haha!

     We had dinner with some of them after. Gosh, I am so gonna miss them all over again after tonight. 

     This is gossip central, turbo-blasted. Haha!

The one on the left is our teacher.....Pechay has a microphone pa.

Saturday 9-20-11

     Saturday morning found me sleepy but excited for collage class. This is our second round of art classes and I don't want them to end. I was looking forward to going a bit quirky and almost Hallmark-y with my current piece but Teacher Toots will not hear of it. Teehee! 

     That afternoon was pleasantly free so I stayed in my room and read.....the afternoon away.

My two besties friends that day. Thanks for the book, Ms. Ge!
Yes, I am into K-Pop. Will tell you about it soon. =-)

     That night I could not sleep I began sorting out things in one of my closets and it was freaking me out to leave it like this....     

      So between 'facebooking' and actually organizing stuff I finished this...dawn the next day....YAAAAAAWn!

      Sob, sob, sob! So many more closets to go.....

Sunday 9-21-11

     The kids were joining the Temple Hill Children's Choir in playing music for the 9 am mass at the chapel in White Plains. So it was another early start for us. Yaaaaaawn!

My two kids play the violin.  Guess which ones they are.
      I don't know what it is but every time they play for church, we all get super hungry after. I will post about the place soon. It is another wonderful 'northern' find, Stacy's.

     The last leg of the weekend found us at home again. I am on term break after all and had nothing to do. Yellow got busy baking in the kitchen and I got busy figuring out (with Blue's help) H's new coffee contraption......Hala! 

 The perfect end to a perfect single parenting weekend. =-)))



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