Once You POPPED: A Book Launch

           ......You Can't Stop

     The above line would have been an apt continuation of the title of this post because that is exactly what happens when you start reading Chinggay Labrador's bestselling book, POPPED. 

     No less than the author herself, recently joined the second round of our collage/ mixed media class. I know Chinggay from work since we both are contributing writers at the Summit Media, I have always found her so intelligently and cute. She is like the little sister everyone wants to have. (not that I am much older... hee!.)

     As the class progressed and we got to know Chinggay more, (...and her to-die-for brownies!!!) our curiosity about her book grew until we all got copies and started reading.  Hence, from art class, Saturdays became my art class and book club day. (which is gradually becoming art therapy Saturday but that is for a different post. haha!) We could not stop talking about the book. =-D

     What is this book about? Hold your breaths because if you know how old I really am, (we all really are) you might fall off your chairs. It is about the love and life of a K-Pop fan girl...... Hello, are you still there? Keep reading....

     While before reading Chinggay's book I had no interest whatsoever with Korean Pop, Korean soaps or what not, the main character in the book is the same. She takes you, the reader with her in her journey. Chinggay's smart. witty, super hilarious writing cannot be a more prefect vehicle to take you to the world of K-Pop. I was shocked (along with the rest of my family) to be laughing my head off over some scenes in the book.... What?  I could not help it!

     Like Korean soap obsessed teens, our Saturday art class found ourselves sucked in fantastic world of K-Pop...... haha!

     Recently, Chinggay launched the sequel to her book, POPPED TOO and we were all there to cheer her on...And hopefully baka may Korean Pop star. Eeeeee!

    The event was held at Subspace (luv, luv, luv) with the most gracious hosts Wilmer and Thor together with Summit Media.

     Toots, yes our art teacher and I were there early and hungry. the cafe was closed for the event and we could not order food. So Toots stepped out and came back with some secret stash from the closest convenience store....Korean na naman? 

One thing about being early I could have a good look at this lovely coffee shop....again....

     And the party was in full swing....

         Loved that they fed us first.....

     What? No chap chae??? But the food was really good....Two more trays pleeeeeease????

     Chinggay read some snippets from the book. So nakakakilig!

Everyone was so into it. You can even listen with your mouth open. Right, Vicks?

     The event was a blockbuster. Congratulations, Chinggay!

     We are all super proud of our art classmate!

     Even if you are not a K-Pop fan, do grab a copy of the Popped books series and enjoy a light, fun, hilarious and unexpected adventure!

    At your favorite bookstores.....=-)


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Design Cupcake said...

hi tita arlene! :) wow i never knew ms. chinggay was a writer :) this is so cute! i should check her book soon! say hi just in case!