Stacy's: Dining With Cath Kidston

    I was one of those girls who could not be happier when floral and other dainty, vintage fabric designs popped back in the design stream via British fabric designer, Cath Kidston. I loooove her stuff!!!

     Sadly, fakes are all over Manila. In fact only one or two stores sell the original ones here and with limited, count-with-your-fingers-in-one-hand supply. So the Cath Kidstons most people in Manila know are the knock-offs. I have reluctantly stopped using my Cath Kidston bags ( I have four.) since they are not given the proper respect they deserves here. =-((( But I still use my wallet, make-up kit and cellphone case. =-)))

     I read about this little cafe, close to my house like Felicity Patisserie, Stacy's. The kids and I decided to check it out one morning after church. H was away. 

     The aprons hanging on one of its walls caught my eye instantly....CATH KIDSTON!!! Of course my kids had to get excited and began fussing over the familiar prints around the cafe. "Mom, it's your bag!", "Mom. it's your wallet!" Sheeesh!!! Inside, I was pleasantly thrilled myself.

The place is oh, so pretty, American country too.=-)

Great a big jar of Tootsie Roll Lollipops....of course my kids will want some. 
Pretty touches everywhere.....(SIGH!)
Yep, and a pink SMEG ref. How can this place have everything? No fair!

     But we were here for the food....Good old, hearty comfort food...Need I say more?

Vanilla Milkshake 
Potato Chip Fried Chicken  
P 165
Monkey Toast P 145.00

     You also get two pieces of Butter Ball candies with your receipt,just like the way our grandfathers would bribe us with candies when we were little.

     We were back a few days after for dinner, H with us this time. It was a rainy, evening and we were all in jackets. It was just the perfect place to be... and we ate too much....(heck!)

Check out Cath Kidston here.
Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center,
1 Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City
Mobile:  +63 927 326-2244 | +63 933 442-7661 | +63 917 847-2229
Facebook: Stacy's Resto


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ge said...

I knew there was something fishy about those cute floral bags I saw at the mall a couple of months ago (I won't name any names, but it's the one that's "got it all for you!!!" hahaha).. good thing I didn't buy it. Hahaha. Seriously, why does it seem that all nice restos and foodie places are situated in the north????? Everytime I read your post, I wanna pack up and move!!!! I'm inggit!