Eats & Reads: RED GARLIC

     My good friends, Vilma and Toots told me about Red Garlic along Katipunan. the mere inclusion of the word garlic in this restaurant's name made me miss the old 90's restaurant on Orosa St, Malate, Garlic Rose. Anyone remember that? Fine, don't admit you know it and I am the only martial law baby here! Again, I am the last one to know about this place even if I pass Katipunan everyday. Blame it on my poor eyesight and it's facade which actually looked like that of an oriental restaurant to me. I only notice the place is always packed.

      We were there very early for lunch on a  Monday and we were the first patrons. The focal of its interiors for me are the magazine racks that adorn its walls. At first I was overwhelmed, so much delicious reading!!! Most of them though were for sale. My heart and wallet be still!

     Took us a while to order as the kids and I love books and magazines and we could not help browsing through the display.


     I already knew what to order as per the recommendation of my friends...

Maki for starters and fried chicken for the kids.
     Batanes Roulade

     To us though the star of the show was the bread budding....It was not too creamy or sweet just right, good old bread pudding that is on the saucier side....


     Though for a weekday lunch we were not too happy with our bill P2,000 plus or did we over order as we have a tendency to do so? (Don't ask me about the plus.)  At least we got to try the place and we shall be back for sure but for an ordinary, weekday lunch we will still go to old favorites like Conti's, Felicty Home Kitchen, Stacy's or Cookbook Kitchen.

     On top of our bill which on the contrary I am happy about was this in my doggie bag...


Find out more about Red Garlic here.

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