Vision Board Peg: Paris

     Once in collage class, our teacher Toots asked us to make a vision board. My classmates and I had to look through old magazines and tear or cut our things that we aspire for or wish to achieve in our lives. Since I finished my vision board, I have actually accomplished or have been blessed with a lot of the things I have included there. (except the Katie Holmes figure but getting there - shhhhh!)

     Toots said sooner or later we might have to alter, subtract, add or change your vision board altogether. I think I want to add one in mine....=-)

     Closing my eyes now and keeping my fingers crossed.....

     Why don't you try to make your own vision board? It has helped me get a better perspective of my life and it was really inspiring and humbling at the same time. Try! You can even use Keynote or Powerpoint!

     Enjoy the rest of your week, guys! 

     Keep smiling!

     Au Revoir!

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