You Blinded Me (not) With Science

        I have been away too long I know and I apologize to my eight or so readers...Sorry! Yet, I shall begin this blog with another apology as this entry will be about yet another museum.

      The Mind Museum in Taguig Manila is the newest and supposedly the best museum in the Philippines. My gang of four visited the museum today.

       Yes, we are home in Manila for the holidays, a staycation we were all looking forward to actually. It has been great. We've enjoyed the Light Show in Ayala Triangle.....  
Ayala Triangle Light Show

..... and dinner there as well in Omakase.  Mostly though we have just been lounging lazily at home and we are not complaining. 

Today was Mind Museum Day! 

     I can only be too happy we have such a museum already here. I actually have a lot to say but I'd rather not except PLEASE, PLEASE work on the maintenance of the facility. As it is some of the installations are either not working or broken. 

     The thing I personally loved most about our visit was the Stunning architecture courtesy of Architect Lor Calma & Associates. We've visited better museums abroad but the architecture of Lor Calma spelled the difference for The Mind Museum. To me it stole the show. It made my visit worthwhile. 
     I love the way it is imposing yet cocooning as you enter the museum property. There is fluidity and grace in the various shapes and heights of the structure. It is sensual and familiar. I do not know if I felt connected because I know it is designed by a Filipino. Even as my kids and I were touring the installations inside, I appreciated the details in the design of the museum. No, it is not grand and there is a sense a restraint in some parts but I enjoyed chasing the many successful attempts at good design.


But we do have some favorites....
Kids and I loved the mini x-ray machine.
How we made silly music with this instrument of the future? Maybe?
My ultimate fave is the installation showing lunar phases....
          Never mind that Jolibee was the only dining option. I can have their palabok any day....

     Never mind that some exhibits were broken or closed.

     Never mind that the girl at the reception seemed irritated and impatient with our one question.

     Never mind that the museum upkeep is something I want to worry about.

     At the end of our visit, I was still glad I went.  

     Oh, but I did mind that their mini planetarium was a make shift dome with leatherette pillows which one needs to lie on the floor with instead of recliner seats...I so mind that!  

The Mind Museum

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