My First Step To A Wonderful Christmas 2013

     Yep, you have read it right. I really mean Christmas this year. But, but...I know it is only the 5th of January.

    Allow me to take you a few weeks back when Christmas last year 2012 began.  I remember going up our attic to choose which decors to use for the year and lo and behold, our decorations were a messy heap. Mind racing, eyeballs popping, major outburst itching to escape my throat, the ghosts er image our old house help flashed before my eyes. I saw her grunting her way through our decorations, tossing each and every one in a giant box like who cares? Who care if the glitters are ripped off or if the glass balls get scratched or the tin Christmas trees get squished and bent?

     BUT, it was too late and futile actually.... though I still allowed myself a major outburst...Sorry I just had to. I refuse to allow it to happen again. So this year, I took matters into my own hands again.....

     I will pack away the decors myself.......I documented each step to share and hope you guys can learn a thing or two....

Remove each Christmas tree trim one at a time and clean them with a microfiber cloth.

Have boxes, trays or bins ready and sort them out by design, color or kind. This year I used empty wine boxes.

Set aside broken decors and fix them before packing them away,

It is always best to preserve and use the original packaging of your decors. They are best protected this way.

Christmas lights though may be excluded from step 4 as it is tricky to return them in their original boxes. First roll them in a circle and tie a spot with a ribbon. Store them in disposable plastic boxes like this.

Zip lock bags are also great for decors that need to be packed individually.  

My one favorite tip in organizing anything is LABELING! Label each of container and mark them if there are several of one decor.

Put your containers in big boxes. Not too big as when filled these may get too heavy to carry. What I did was I put all the Christmas tree trims together, faux flowers together. etc.

Scribble the contents of each box for easy identification come next Christmas time

For big items wrap them in Manila paper or big brown paper bags and place them in a an open bin or crate.

     Now, everything is ready to be hauled up to the attic....Until the next time the sleigh bells ring again....

Are you ready to say good-bye to Christmas? Then get your stuff ready

microfiber cloth
masking tape
black Sharpie pen
zip lock bags
re-used disposable boxes,
tin biscuit boxes or anything you can re-use.

Good luck! 


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