Home is Breakfast At Antonio's

     "Mom, you are eating there? I wanna go back. I miss that place."

     This is of course my thirteen year old daughter half whining after finding out her dad and I were having lunch at the newly re-opened Breakfast At Antonio's in Tagaytay after a job site visit in Batangas. I promised her we'd go back with her and her brother soon.

     Breakfast at Antonio's returned to its original home along the Tagaytay Ridge December 22, last year. After an infuriating day at the job site, I need a pick-me-upper!

     Welcome back to Breakfast at Antonio's!

The green and white facade of yore has been replaced by a high contrast dark brown and white one.

      I love the new interiors! It's my style! hehe!

    These big ventilators remind me of the movie Top Gun for some reason. Why?

    Look at the way the huge and colorful painting added the needed oomph to this almost industrial restroom. 'Almost' because across the sink (not in pic) are the water closets enclosed by wooden partitions reminiscent of those in Camp John Hay Baguio before the Americans left.

     Then there is the food which is always perfect! No, this place is not really a favorite. Not really! 

Smoked NZ King Salmon on Whole Wheat Bread with Cream Cheese and Scrambled Egg
Spanish Sardines
Chocolate Banana Pudding
Coffee was strong, the way I like it.
     As we were finishing our lunch, the skies turned overcast and it became cool and windy in the corner where we sat with the view of Taal Volcano. How romantic? Yes, but I was afraid H would fall asleep, snore and bump his head on the table so ...we had to go.....fast!

    Missing the kids we stopped by the bread counter and bought them chocolate crinkles and muffins.

The stairs remind me of Mr. Olesen's store in 
Little House on the Prairie. hee!

     The last time we were there, our two kids were toddlers and would split an order of pancakes, eat a few bites then run off to the playground downstairs. It would have been a perfect homecoming to this old favorite if they were with us. Only our bill would double since now as tweens they have discovered food. Haha! Well, Breakfast at Antonio's is just the place to enjoy good food, remember old memories and make new ones....just like home.

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