Take A Hike: Rockville Hills Regional Park

     I am sharing pictures of a beautiful afternoon we spent with one of our favorite people in the States, Cai. She and her friend Sheina took us out for a hike in a park just beyond their backyard. We cannot forget that day though it was a spur of the moment thing and I was wearing ballerina flats. 

     I truly believe nothing can tease, please and awaken your senses more than the primal, nature, loads of fresh air and the sweetest of friendships.

          You may look on if you are interested....

Welcome to Rockville Hills Regional Park!

We chose the shorter trail of course being newbie hikers.
Cai was our guide!
Not even on the top of our climb was this spectacular view.
But the pond was our main destination!

Here we are!

This view made the afternoon so worth it!
We stopped for a little picnic of clementines and cookies!
Climbed trees.

     On our way back, we met some cows!!! Holy Cow!

Excues me, have you seen the moon? We have to jump over it.

It was one of our best days this summer!

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