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     While trying to de-clutter my computer I came across photos of my Aussie trip last year. Wow! Seems so long ago already! 

     I always tell people that if I had seen Australia when I was younger, I would have really pushed to move my family there. It is so beautiful! Food is great and it is just so ideal. Since I have a ton of work to do, I am uploading and captioning just some random pics from that trip. I hope, you guys enjoy them anyway. Will share more soon. I know! I know! I haven't blogged in so long..... 

     These photos cannot even capture the sights, sounds and heart of OZ but... here goes...

      Have a great weekend!
The Famous Twelve Apostles. Breath taking!

Boy Meets Girl in Aussie

Too many cute finds in random shops!

Food is delicious and fresh! Love Aussie food!

More cute stuff,  rustic this time.

Clothes with very Boho feel. I lurve!

Weekend markets with the freshest fruits and everything

Fish and Chips to die for!

Meeting new friends and getting to know old ones a little more!

To my cousin, N, thanks for showing me OZ!

St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney

Delicious food of Stalactites, a restaurant/ institution in Melbourne

St. Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne

Suckers for the 40 watt Toblerone

Chinatown, Melbourne

My family in Melbourne for 9 days!

Best cousin, Ipa!

Day-off ko!

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