The Happiest Season of All

And it is not even over yet....
It has been a most pleasant Christmas season. We still have the New Year's to look forward to. I just realized this could be one of our best Christmases ever. Why? It is because my children are still children. They are really the ones going ga-ga over Christmas. Most of what my husband and I do is for them to truly enjoy and understand the gifts the Season brings. I can't help but wonder, what would Christmas be like with them a bit older.

My being on Facebook and being an avid 'photo album poster' on the site has made me feel even more blessed. I do it because I want to highlight the many beautiful people, places and events in my life. Through the months I have been doing it, it has been almost therapeutic for me. It help me to be more grateful for everything, even the simplest of everyday things.

This Christmas season is of course - no exception. It has been a parade of blessings all the way; from seeing old friends and new, family, my children's happy/ ecstatic faces, decorating the house for the Holidays, wrapping presents, learning new recipes, last-minute shopping with my Mom, the big laugh when my cousin Nokky took off his shirt, wore a Santa hat and walked cat walk style during our clan Christmas party. Ha, ha! It has been a wonderful Season... and it is not even over yet....

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