Spring to Pottery Barn (2013)

     I love it that a Pottery Barn store is just walking distance from my mother-in-law's place in the Bay Area. 

    Since I am always there on family vacation, stepping into a Pottery barn store is like meeting someone who totally gets me amidst the packing, unpacking, jet lag, homesickness, kids' whining, husband whining....Okay back to Pottery Barn....

     What was up in Pottery Barn this spring? Look. look and see..... Enjoy!

Pretty, seaside and fiesta place settings! 

Relaxing vignettes!


     But I really could not afford most of the stuff there. So I just mentally "pinned' ideas..... Hee!
..... and make an in-store Wish List
Whut? I can. Can't I? Here it is!

This serving carousel which was the last one 
and they refused to let me have it. =-((( SOB!

So adorable drinks dispensers!

Lovely but I am against snapping them from our beaches.
Wait, are these even real? I guess they are, right? 

 Too pretty pillows. But $50 each? C'mon!

That's it! Enough salivating. Let's go home, H!



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